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Joan:Drop Dead Diva (2015)

Paperback: 208 pages


Digital: mobi and ePub

Language: English

Genre: Novel/Satire

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Joan: Drop Dead Diva is Rafal’s first novel, which he decided to write the moment he heard Joan Rivers is dead. Joan was very special to him. Her jokes were often taken out of his mouth. It ain’t a culinary book, although characters eat a lot of fantastic dishes and dish about celebrities.This is not biography of any kind either. It’s full of real data from Joan’s life to keep it more close to our hearts and down to earth. Joan was once a comedienne. Due to unfortunate tour of events she crosses over to a new world that seems to be so like ours, but it’s not the same. Before afterlife of star treatment she has few more assignments on the menu. With her new pals Mandy, Ksav, Monique and Mary she must go to new frontiers, to declutter and clean talentless celebrities from public life. You will “Meet the Farthashians”, “Cleaning Ladies of Hollywood-end”, “Divas without the voices”, “Housewives from the Sexy mansion” and “Spoiled and dumb – kids of Beverly Halls” plus many more in the book, that glorifies true talent and puts satire treatment on so called stars of the Hollywood. Did I mention Joan’s dog is back? Max will give you extra thrills.


Rozwój tematycznych kanałów telewizji satelitarnej w Europie w latach 1989-2009 (2010)

Paperback: 116 pages

Digital: PDF ( Free Download from Google Books )

Language: Polish

Genre: Educational/Media/TV


W książce pt. “Rozwój tematycznych kanałów telewizji satelitarnej w Europie w latach 1989-2009” przedstawia na wybranych przykładach ewolucje na europejskim rynku telewizyjnym. Poruszane są zagadnienia związane ze startem m.in SKY Television, jednego z największych dostawców telewizji tematycznej na rynek Wielkiej Brytanii. Ponadto dokonuje analizy rynku polskiego począwszy w 1994-1995 roku start Multichoice Polska oraz CANAL+ Polska a skończywszy na cyfrowych platformach dostępnych aktualnie.


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“How you doin’ with Joan and Mandy” will premiere in late 2019/ early 2020! Hey there Joan Rivers lovers. It is happening. I Started to write part 2 of my trilogy series "Joan Drop Dead Diva". Yep, Joan is back! Chapter 1: "How are you doing? Fine, I guess..." is almost finished ... Premiere this winter 2019/2020 ... I will keep you posted! .. <3 ...Read More

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Rafal Kudlinski is a Polish physicist and journalist. His career choices were very diverse. During high school years, he was fascinated by science-fiction television shows like Quantum Leap, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Time Trax, which led him to the first stage of his education as a physicist. Read More »